One place to rule all your communications

Shared messaging been broken for years. Not anymore — we fixed it. Incoming’s fresh approach transforms shared emails, tweets, posts, reviews, smses and more into something you want to use, not something you’re forced to deal with.
Not email centric

We're not glued to emails, Twitter, Facebook or any one platform. Incoming was built looking toward the future to whatever comes next.

Rocket speed

Incoming was built to be 100-500x faster than other solutions utilizing websockets and minimalism.


We're eco-friendly, despite being faster or because of it, we use fewer resources than any other current service.

Some of our customers


Everything you'll need to communicate

Incoming is the only service that combines everything into one platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, emails, SMSs, Phones and Voicemail can all be mixed and matched to your specification.

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Communicate with everyone instantly

​​With Incoming everything is in one place. No matter where your messages come from, they all appear in your inbox. Add notes and tag teammates to any message for instant and clear communication.

Open tracking
Follow Conversations
Advanced Permissions
Connect all your social media accounts

Showcase those features

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Forwarding emails?

Coordinating with your team about work email shouldn't be so complicated. With Incoming, your team is right there in your inbox with you.

Beyond email

If hundreds of unread messages, cluttered distribution lists, and social media messages keep slowing you down, we have an answer. Incoming helps you take control of your inbox so nothing is duplicated or missed.

Feeling out of the loop? It's time to release email from isolation.

Usually information is trapped in each person's inbox where it can't be shared. Instead, Incoming gives you visibility across inboxes for more accurate responses and more informed decisions.

Bring your existing tools together

Incoming has dozens of integrations, which means you can connect all of the platforms you use together in one place.
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Modern Features for a Modern Inbox

Everything You Need
Open tracking

When a customer views your most recent message, whether it's an email or a facebook message, it will be denoted in Incoming

Follow Conversations

Get slack notifications for replies or notes on any conversation


Profiles are auto-populated, editable and include all previous history

Advanced Permissions

Inboxes can be restricted to specific Users with specific roles


Quickly delegate a conversation to another User when you need help

Connect all your social media accounts

We support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack and more

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Our customers are lovin' it

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“I can't imagine life without it.”
Holly Blay
Operations Manager
“Our performance metrics are showing serious positive signs after using this product for just one month.”
Sarah Kingston
Data Analyst

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We'll only use your email address to notify you about Incoming, not for future marketing, sales, or anything like that.  We won't sell or trade your email in fact the list will be destroyed once we've notified everyone.
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